Stan Hathaway – Chairman

Lives in Exeter and married to Jo.

A year round committed rider whose mantra is “If it ain’t raining it ain’t training” 

Tobie Osmond – Secretary

Lives in Wells, Somerset, Married with two Labradors (a black and a yellow). Likes movies, red wine, real ale and a good single malt.

Started riding in 2000, a Piagio Vespa, and after doing a CBT for a year of riding, he thought that actually he would really like to get a full licence. So during the Direct Access course he rode a Susuki GS500, and as soon as he got on it, never wanted to ride anything but real bikes. When he passed he got a Honda Deauville (NT650), loved it, and has never owned anything but Hondas since. This bike bit the dust due to some gravel on a corner (so not my fault he shouts!) and the next week his wife fell for the fact that the Pan European would be a much safer bike…;) (ST1100). This unfortunately was sold when moving to Canada, where they lived for 6 years, one of the reasons they came back from North America is that he hated putting the bike away for the winter. It did take a little while to get another bike, (almost 6 months). And managed to get an old CB650, but hated it, so went to the dealers having priced insurance on the ST1300, and the VFR800. The wife didn’t like the look of the new VFR, and the ST was a little expensive new, but “I like the look of that one!” she said pointing to a beautiful black CBF1000, so we got that. And 10 years later he still owns one, unfortunately not the same one… but the less said about that the better.

Tobie read Roadcraft many years ago and after experiencing some track days realised he wasn’t aggressive enough to make it on the track, he just wanted to be the best rider he could be. So followed the principals in Roadcraft for many years. On returning to the UK in 2011, he had the joy of doing a Max Rider day and was convinced that he could pass a ROSPA advanced test, so took one coming out with a Silver. He then joined the DSAR to get his Gold. Since doing this he has become a tutor, but work schedules not making it possible to come on the training rides he is exclusively a one to one tutor.

Tobie became Secretary at the AGM in 2015

David Pengelly – Treasurer and Membership Coordinator

Lives in Plymouth married with 1 dog and a teenage daughter.

A relatively new biker having only passed his test in 2011.


Andy Phillips – Training Coordinator West

Lives in Exmouth.

A lonely Honda rider.

Adam Gell – Training Coordinator East

Lives in Lynmouth.

John Patrick – Events Coordinator

Lives in Honiton.

Neill Sedgwick – President

“I am currently a trainer responsible for the design and delivery of training for the Roads Policing business area. I am a Police motorcycle instructor and have some responsibility for the delivery of motorcycle and large vehicle driver training.

I started my career as a Bobby in Bridgwater, transferring to the Traffic/Roads Policing department in 1989. During this period I served as a patrol officer both as an advanced driver and advanced motorcyclist. I qualified as a vehicle examiner and Prohibition officer and as a result assisted the collision investigation department with many serious injury investigations. I have managed projects dealing with vehicles which were not properly maintained and or modified. For the last 10 years I have been based within the learning & development department where I have been responsible for the development and delivery of courses within the Roads Policing subject area. I provide training to many other forces and some partner agencies. I also deliver Advanced motorcycle instruction, Cat C & D1 training and Police Fast Road Safety courses.

A biker since a teenager I have a love of all things motorcycle and a strong desire to reduce casualties amongst riders.”