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Chairman’s Blog June 2019

The summer biking season is in full swing and our associates are getting the benefit of my favourite kind of weather, why should a little dampness put anyone off riding?  We do get hot dry weather and still manage to get out.

DSAR again supported the Somerset Road Safety Motofest at the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm Museum (FAAM), Ilchester, Somerset.  David Pengelly collected our new gazebo and we were able to give it the first public viewing, aided by being in a prime location right at the edge of the pathway helped our advertising campaign, particularly as our friends from all the IAM Groups swarmed in from near and far and took up perimeter positions.  We had two confirmed riders who joined over the weekend and many more who expressed an interest, so fingers crossed they join too.  

A big thank you to all the DSAR team who supported the event over the Saturday and Sunday, special thanks goes Tracey Challinor who did a fabulous job rounding up “volunteers” to have a go at the slow riding course I had set up.  We had about 30 riders on the Saturday and about 15 riders on the Sunday session, of which most had about 5 or 6 goes round, improving their skills at every attempt.  Evidence of how much everyone enjoyed it was easy to see – big cheesy grins… and panting for breath as they had forgotten to breathe with the concentration.  Everyone’s comments can be grouped into the following…

“It looked easy when we walked round but was really difficult on the bike!  But what a fantastic course, I’ve learned so much from it and how my bike reacts at slow speed!”

“I won’t get my sports bike / Harley / Victory / Zimmer frame (delete as appropriate) around that!”  Then when they tried – they were amazed at what they could do!  

For the record I tried on one guy’s Victory… and had to look down to see where I had to put my feet. I only managed part of the course and was terrified that I’d not be able to hold it upright if it started to go over.  I have a new respect for cruiser riders, but I’m keeping my panzer!

The family riders were clearly the most competitive and often asked “Can I go round again?” and again…. And again!  One father & son team went round about 15 times, each trying to better the other.

I would like to make special mention and thanks to David and Vicky Pengelly for their marathon drive / ride back and forth to the event, David did 400 miles from Plymouth to the FAAM and back over the weekend.

We continue our path of CPD and will be running a refresher course for our tutors in July and another in August – we want to keep sharp too!  We also continue to run our Saturday Surgeries on ever 2nd Saturday of the month.  This is an informal chat about anything to do with motorcycling etc and sometimes has a ride tacked on for good measure, and The End-of-Month Training Rides on the last Sunday of every month.  Please do come along and support these events and bring any of your biker buddies along too.  They don’t have to be members of DSAR but this is a great way for them to meet up with us and see if they like what we do.

Hope to see you all soon.


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