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Chairman’s Blog – COVID-19 / Coronovirus

The news on the media has nothing else but the effects of Coronovirus or COVID-19 and it should come as no surprise it has also affected DSAR.
Advice from RoSPA HQ, our Committee and our Tutors we have come up with the following guidance:

1. RoSPA HQ has stated motorcycle training can continue on a 1-2-1 basis and Advanced Motorcycle Tests will continue for the foreseeable future; however car tests have been suspended.
2. End-of-Month Group Training Rides and Saturday Surgeries are cancelled until further notice.
3. Within DSAR, we have suggested individual training on a 1-2-1 basis can still take place subject to the following:
a. If either the Tutor or the Associate has any doubt about their well-being (I AM SAFE) then there is no doubt – call it off
b. If the Tutor or the Associate has regular contact with anyone classified in a “vulnerable group” or currently in a Service which must have or could have contact with the general public (Medical / Fire / Military / Teachers etc) then you should notconduct training.  This is to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent transmission to/from either party. 
c. Meeting up with your associate should be conducted in a suitable location considering the Government’s advice on “social separation”.  Clearly coffee stops in public places will not be achievable, but a flask and sandwiches will suffice as a poor substitute.
4. If any Tutor needs another to support them complete their associate’s training let us know and we will find some way to complete this process.
a. Any Tutor can contact me and Steve Williams; we will do our best to ensure anyone who is coming up for their test is fully prepared.
b. Any pass holder who is due for their 3-yearly re-test is also welcome to contact me to arrange a check ride or any continuation training.
5. Please do continue to advertise that we are open for new joiners.  Anyone wishing to join should contact DSAR via the website and we will get in contact with them to arrange an Initial Check Ride and allocate a Tutor.
6. As it has been said many time times before we should not underestimate the positive effects on wellbeing that motorcycling has.  “Keep Calm and Carry on Biking!”

Wishing you all the best

Stan Hathaway

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  1. Hi Stan,
    Thanks for the message. I would also add if anyone is self isolating and needs help with some deliveries can we see if we have any volunteers?

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