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Chairman’s Blog October 2019

The times they are a changin’” Bob Dylan

The seasons

It will come as no surprise to you all the season has changed! Gone are the hot days with insect splattered visors and in are the damp and breezy days we enjoy so much.  At the end of the month the clocks go back with the resulting shift in available light so we will find more and more drivers in cars emulating motorbikes – one headlight working!  Clearly they carry out their POWDDERSS checks don’t they?  

The deteriorating weather will not be a deterrent to us but only something else to consider as we prepare our bikes and ourselves for the environmental challenges – as you’ve often heard me say “It’s not training if it’s not raining!” and gives us further opportunities to prove the effectiveness of our waterproof kit!



Other things many of you will have noticed that are changing include some of the personnel within DSAR.  Our friends and colleagues find external events such as family, work commitments and individual personal circumstances start to have a greater impact on our available time and something has to give.  

For whatever reasons our friends have had to step back from the roles they had I’d like to personally thank you all for having given so much of your time and expertise in the support of DSAR whether it be as Members, Tutors or Committee Members and wish you and your families all the best for the future and hope you are still able to keep in contact.

DSAR now looks to the future to identify what we need to do to continue our learning and training and who we would like to help us on that process:-


The Committee

Current Committee Members are:

  • Chairman – Stan Hathaway
  • Secretary – Tobie Osmond
  • Treasurer – David Pengelly
  • Publicity and Membership – Sandy Jones (from John Patrick / David Pengelly)
  • Training Coordinator – Steve Williams (from Andy Phillips)

Due to our constitution we should have a minimum of 5 members who form the Committee and attend at each Committee Meeting.  This means that as we stand all 5 have to attend for the meeting to be validated, but does not allow for those unforeseen events (family sickness, transport failure, work etc) where an individual is not able to attend, therefore we are looking for volunteers to join the Committee as Events Coordinator and another role not yet defined.  

If you are able to support DSAR as a Committee Member please let Tobie know what role you would like to take on.  

We are in the process of defining all the roles by Job Description or Terms of Reference so that we are fully able to support the functions of DSAR compliant with RoSPA requirements.    


Tutor Training

Guidance from RoSPA indicates how we should train and qualify our local tutors and how they should be regularly assessed, allied with my statement last year at the AGM wanting to introduce a regular training programme for our existing and new tutors:

  • We have already started Tutor Continuation Training providing refresher sessions to existing tutors in order to keep us on our toes.
  • The Committee have identified those whom we’d like to train as local tutors, and for those who’ve accepted their training process has already started.  
  • As the Diploma Holder I am already authorised by RoSPA to train and authorise local tutors, but as part of an independent process I will get our Senior Tutors to conduct validation by stooging for the candidates.
  • We will continue to identify potential tutor candidates for training and hope to mitigate against imbalances between tutors and associates which negatively impact our ability to provide an excellent service.


Our AGM is coming up soon – time date and location to be verified as soon as possible and I hope to see many of you there.


Kind regards


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