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    Stan Hathaway

    Motorcycles don’t balance very well when parked on a slope.
    Contouring – when your bike is on a slope but both wheels are at the same level means there is a high risk of either there being too much weight on the sidestand making it difficult to lift off or the bike not going over centre enough so any wind gust will cause it to fall on its right hand side.
    Facing uphill – the bike will tend to roll backwards against the force exerted by the side stand, ok if it is strong enough, but could cause it to snap!
    Facing downhill – the bike will roll forward past the over centre lock of the sidestand and the bike will fall.

    If you have to stop on a slope face uphill (preferred option) shut down in 1st gear by kicking out the sidestand (assuming your bike has a kill switch), clutch out and allow the bike to roll back until engine compression holds the weight of the bike, roll the bike onto the sidestand & turn handlebars to full lock spreading the triangle of contact (front tyre / rear tyre / sidestand) as wide as possible.
    Downhill, same method this time ensure the bike rolls forward onto engine compression.

    Remember, when you get back on the bike pull in the front brake to stop any roll away before you pull in the clutch.

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