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    David Pengelly

    Hi Stan,

    Vicky and I will hopefully be there.




    Maurice Ayling

    Sorry, I’m away this weekend so unable to join you



    David Pengelly

    Are there any other attendees?


    Stan Hathaway

    A big thank you to all who attended the Saturday Surgery at Bridge Motorcycles yesterday. Caroline was able to give a very interesting horse riders experience of how to pass them when out on the road:

    1. A horse and rider will normally hear you first so will be aware that a motorised bike or car is approaching and both will look back (blind spot check) to identify where you are. If need be the rider will position the horse so it can see you in the very narrow area that is the horse’s blind spot – as this is the area where a predator would attack from.
    2. As soon as the bike rider sees the horse and rider they should slow down and select the appropriate gear – be aware of your bike and the likelihood of it “popping on overrun”.
    3. The rider will sometimes signal for you to pass (similar to how we do) by sweeping their right arm in an underarm arc – however make your own decision to pass.
    4. Pass the horse and rider “Slow and Wide” at about 15mph is the right speed and try and give about 2m if possible.
    5. Continue on until you can see the horse and rider in your mirrors – this gives sufficient space for you to commence re-accelerating. However open the throttle slowly to increase speed – don’t rip it open and wheelie down the road. Landing on your back then have the horse walk past you and deposit a large dollop of grass will only add insult to injury.

    A great discussion followed by a short ride finished off a great day. Looking forward to seeing you all at the End-of-Month ride.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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