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    Anyone from this group heading to the wall on 2nd October ?
    Ro and I will be heading up either from here or London but will be staying overnight in Brum the Saturday night.


    Actually we only got as far as London as overnight my 1200rt was subject to a theft attack which ripped out the cables from the ignition and snapped the steering lock and we had to be recovered.
    RAC recovery was awful. Took us 25 miles in the wrong direction to meet another carrier at Clackett lane services but when we got there they couldn’t arrange the onward transport. RAC then planned to leave the bike in that car park for two days with the keys to be left at the garage! I strongly objected and pointed out who would pay for the parking. Within two hours a motorcycle recovery van arrived but couldn’t take me or Ro. We were left to get a taxi and train back to central London and then a train home.
    Had a call from my tracker company 5 am Sunday morning and bearing in mind it should have been left at my home garage Saturday afternoon, it was now in Newton Abbot…after more calls..it took 2 more days to reach the garage.
    RAC did offer me a hire car if I could get to Gatwick but they could only offer Europcar and north Devon doesn’t have any locations apart from enterprise.


    Sorry to hear about the nightmare that you had, Derek, when it should have been a simple & fun trip in remembrance of those who have given their all for us. Clearly, other recovery service providers are available 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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