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    Stan Hathaway

    As our Associates request training sessions as Tutors we have several things to bear in mind:-
    1. Self check & bike check
    2. We are all rusty
    3. Start off slow and be prepared to go over topics you may have covered before
    4. Your Associate will be frustrated by how much they think their skills have deteriorated.

    1a. I AM SAFE checks, & include kit and helmet.
    1b.Remove thermal linings if still fitted. Carry plenty of water to drink.
    1c. Full pre-ride checks including tyre carcass condition.
    2a. Get out for your own “shakedown” ride, & take it easy.
    2b. Refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code & Roadcraft.
    2c. Get out for an extended ride to improve “muscle memory”.
    3a. Meet up with your Associate and identify their needs & aspirations.
    3b. Plan short trips with plenty of stops – note not all places may be open.
    3c. Build up rider stamina & knowledge of the Highway Code & Roadcraft.
    4a. Be prepared for frustration as mistakes are made – this is normal, so don’t beat yourself up but identify what can be done differently.
    4b. Break up training with observation skills. Good opportunity to take a drink of water.
    4c. Set the pace with due consideration to fatigue.
    4d. Enjoy being back out on the bike.

    Don’t forget, you can always call another tutor for advice if need be.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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