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    David Pengelly

    Hi all

    Steve Williams has volunteered to run the August End of Month Training Ride with the theme of Positioning.

    If you would like to come along please register on the events page.

    Safe Riding


    Jeff Pope

    Hi David,

    Did I read somewhere that it’s stand up at 9.30 only I was looking to confirm this but cannot now find that detail.. !!


    David Pengelly

    Hi Jeff,

    Yes arrive 09:00 hrs for briefing and be ready to ride for 09:30.




    Bugger, sorry but I can’t make this month’s ride 😔 I’m sure you’ll all have fun, though; Steve’s does are always fun and challenging.

    David Pengelly

    Big thank you to Steve for planning and leading the ride.
    Great roads and company meeting some old and new friends with a big warm welcome to Derek Facey the newest member of our group and the rest of the party being made up of –

    Stan Hathaway – Chairman and Tutor Extraordinaire
    Greg Lepszy – Aspiring Steven Spielberg (can’t wait to see the photos)
    John Patrick – Whose Hovercraft is full of eels
    Jeff Pope – Sorry I don’t have a BMW
    Vicki Pengelly – Our one and only lady and pillion.
    And last but by no means least –
    David Pengelly – The tail end Charlie dutifully sweeping up the rear.
    If anyone is interested I recorded the route and can send a gpx file.
    Looking forward to the end of September Ride!
    Ride Safe all.


    Derek here. Thanks for the warm welcome and a great ride. It was good to have a progressive ride with emphasis on positioning and some feedback for all.

    My recent rides with an IAM group in the SE have been relatively slow with weak or lazy positioning, no feedback or discussion and a tendency for many to follow the bike tyre in front with no personal choices of line or speed, certainly not what I expected after training.

    I look forward to training with you and more enjoyable rides.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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